Intercultural Graphic Design

The Secondary school of Civil Engineering in Lipník nad Bečvou celebrated the 70th anniversary in September 2023.

The international approach is of a great benefit to these pupils. The introduction of CLIL methodology brings pupils closer to professional terminology, boosts their confidence in expressing themselves in foreign languages, and makes the link between expertise and language.

The aim of the project was to support pupils in their studies and teachers in teaching using CLIL methodology. Teachers were instructed in language and methodology and encouraged to implement CLIL methodology into their day-to-day practise. This was to achieve the purpose of the project, which was the internationalisation of the school, resp. the Graphic Design study programme and to prepare pupils to operate in multiple languages.


The project included:

- 12 courses - thematically selected and discussed,

- 2 invited experts - new cooperation with technical school Radom - Poland,

- 5 shadowing sessions - 2 participants with Slovenian partner, 3 extra mobilities with Slovak art school in Žilina, Slovakia.


Many contacts have been established within the mobility, both for CLIL (Malta, Canary Islands), further cooperation between institutions (Slovakia, Spain) or individual cooperation of participants (Ireland, Sweden, Finland). The networking within one course (Sweden) resulted into the implementation of Italian student mobilities at our school in June 2023.


Thanks to this project, we have started CLIL in our school. Teachers now have CLIL lessons ready to apply in their lessons now and in the following school years. Pupils now have lessons of general and vocational subjects led by experienced teaches using CLIL methodology. Each subject is different in terms of didactics. Specific dictionaries, worksheets, videos, or presentations and the work with them are being incorporated into the lessons. Evaluation of students is also based on language used. We have achieved the support of teachers who appropriately incorporate lessons in English or German. There is also the improvement of methodological work with pupils with special needs.

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