Secondary School of Civil Engineering

Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Lipník nad Bečvou is a state secondary school with a long-time tradition. Four years of full-time study are completed with the secondary school leaving examination.

After passing the leaving exam, the graduates are prepared to study at universities, especially with technical, architectural or graphical design specialization, and work in the construction industry. Significant working flexibility is the comparative advantage of our graduates. The graduates will find employment in architectural and project offices, graphical studios, building and testing science laboratories, state and local administration, or the marketing industry. They can also work as building site managers or structural technicians.


Field of study and specializations

Field of study


Full-time, 4 years

Architecture and Building Science

Graphical Design of Interior and Exterior

Building Structures

Part-time, 2 years (post-high school education)

Building Construction


This specialization is suitable for students with a technical and aesthetic way of thinking, spatial visualization ability and artistic talent. The core subjects are civil engineering, drawing, modelling, building design, architecture, urban planning and conservation of historic buildings. During studies, students get knowledgeable in broad architectural issues and make their own construction projects, while looking for optimal building solutions.


This specialization is designed for students with artistic and creative talent. In the course of studies, students get theoretical education and practical skills in drawing, painting, photographing, but also gain basic civil engineering awareness. They learn to work with computer graphics and visualisation. The emphasis is put on independent thinking and making use of their creative ability.


This specialization is suitable for students interested in building structures related to landscape and ecosystems, especially water and transportation structures. During studies, students learn to project building structures, prepare project documentation and orient in the realization of construction projects, such as restoration of water bodies, water distribution networks and transport infrastructure.


Part-time (extramural) study is suitable for high school graduates of different specializations.


The historical school building was designed to suit the demands of modern education at the end of the nineteenth century. Jan Neff, an affluent entrepreneur and generous educational patron from Lipník nad Bečvou, was the initiator of the idea of founding the school. The neo-renaissance building has been serving educational purposes since 1898. Originally, natural sciences were taught there. The tradition of providing education in civil engineering started in 1953. Since then, almost half from more than 7 300 graduates have finished their university studies. Many of our former students have reached high positions in the field and received recognition.


The school is located in Lipník nad Bečvou. Lipník is an ancient town with about 8.5 thousand inhabitants, situated in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. The first mention of the town comes from the 13th century, but very likely, the first settlement in this place was even older. To this day, the town has preserved its medieval core with historic buildings, surrounded by fortification walls. Because of its historic uniqueness, the town is an urban conservation area protected by law. An important landmark of the town is the castle Helfštýn located nearby.

The town offers many leisure time activities. Lipník, nicknamed as the “blacksmith town”, organizes many cultural events. Moreover, the surrounding hills and the cycle path along the river Bečva provide many opportunities for sports activities – hiking, cycling or in-line skating.

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